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Ageis G Installment Four Is Here!
December 11th, 1999

What started out as a fluff-anime project, turned out to be the beginning of an exciting saga of love, friendship, and mystery.

I hope readers will agree. With a vast array of characters, Ageis certainly satisfied my desire to write out my feelings in a comfortable fashion.

Just Click on "ageis g" on the menu bar, and you can read the latest in Ivy's recovery! Learn the latest in the truth about Yamatako! See Solomond make his next move! Things are going haywire with the Dewshine parents out of the house! What's more, another peculiar move is made by Randoruun! Will the mystery surrounding him be brought into the light?!

Latest News! Since I am currently on hiatus for Ageis (don't worry, I'll still add the new installment for next month...), I've been working like an ant on my current and most favorite story ever..."The Unicorn Academy", a shoujo romance that just makes you go "aww...". Trust me, if you like Ageis, you'll probably LOVE TUA. If anything, the main female is *much* cooler.

Coming Soon: Ageis G Installment 4 1/2, updated survey results, more Images (This should go without saying now...), Kouda Mariko (Joy)'s song, Stephanie's Fanart and Sounds!

December 11th, 1999: I also added some new images to Kei's, Group, and Couple archives. Please look at them! I am hoping to have Installment Four 1/2: "The Way We Were" up within the next two weeks. "The Way We Were" is written by my very talented and loyal reader and sister, Stephanie Johnson. I've been eagerly awaiting its completion, and it's finally done! All I have to do is type it up! It doesn't take place outside of the storyline, it's right after what you read in Installment Three. I'm sure you'll love it. It takes a bit of the load off of the heavy, dramatic stuff, and lightens things up a bit. (Which I cannot thank Stephanie enough for! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!) It'll be up within the next few weeks, so please keep an eye out! And if you haven't read Installment Four, please do read it! I'm looking around for comments. -.-

And please, folks, I CRAVE feedback! It's the only thing that keeps me writing! Please do the surveys, post in the message board, sign the guestbook...I'll be your best friend!

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